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Special Issue: Enduring and/or New Forms of Inequality in a Globalizing World - Volume 52 -

Issue 2 - 2017

Image credit: Paraisópolis II, by Vilar Rodrigo


This special issue focuses on the reality and perception of inequality in Latin America from a multidisciplinary perspective.


In the past decade, but especially since the 2008 financial crisis, inequality has become a major issue of discussion on economic, political, and intellectual agendas. Long considered the most unequal region in the world, Latin America provides interesting insights into this growing global issue. This special issue, edited by Philip Oxhorn and José R. Jouve-Martín, seeks to contribute to the ongoing debate on inequality and inclusion, in Latin America and beyond, from a contemporary perspective that takes into account the region’s intrinsic complexity as well its intellectual history.


Edited by Philip Oxhorn and José R. Jouve-Martín.





Politics and International Relations