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Note from the Book Review Editor


Fabrice Lehoucq

University of North Carolina, Greensboro, US
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New book review editor's introduction.
How to Cite: Lehoucq, F. (2017). Note from the Book Review Editor. Latin American Research Review, 52(3), 456–457. DOI:
  Published on 22 Sep 2017
 Accepted on 24 May 2017            Submitted on 24 May 2017

As the editorship of the book review section changes hands, I emphasize that LARR reviews important books on Latin America. We commission review essays of anywhere between four and eight books that identify common themes among scientific disciplines and the humanities. (LARR does not review textbooks or noncritical editions of creative works.) Review essays should distill central findings, discuss methods, and indicate how a selection of books advances research on Latin America.

We welcome proposals from established scholars, either teaching at universities or working at research institutes throughout the world. Proposals should be brief. Please identify at least four books you wish to review, state why you would make a good reviewer, and include a summary of your credentials. We are especially interested in proposals that include books written by specialists from different disciplines and books published in English, Spanish, and Portuguese (and in other languages, too).

I also want to encourage our readers to ensure that their publishers forward us review copies of their books. While English-language publishers regularly send review copies to us, many Spanish-language publishers do not. If you are the author of a book published in Latin America, please send us a copy or have your publisher do so. And, if you know of an author who is publishing a book in the region, please encourage him or her to mail us a review copy.

Address for review copies:

Professor Fabrice Lehoucq
Book Review Editor, Latin American Research Review
Department of Political Science
University of North Carolina
PO Box 26170
324 Curry Building
1109 Spring Garden St.
Greensboro, NC 27412, USA