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Special Collection

Latin American Studies and the Humanities: Past, Present, Future

Collection launched: 28 Sep 2018

What is the relationship between area, ethnic, and global studies in the humanities? Where might new forms of comparative and multidisciplinary scholarship lead researchers in Latin American studies? How might a critical rethinking the origins of the field, as it was developed by scholars working in Latin America, create space for new paradigms like Global South studies, decolonial scholarship, and Indigenous methodologies? These are the central questions analyzed by the papers in this collection, which were first presented at the University of Virginia in 2016 and at the LASA convention in Lima, Peru, in 2017, sponsored by LARR. These three papers, written by Karin Rosemblatt, Jafte Robles and Joanne Rappaport, and Arturo Arias, incorporate insights from history, anthropology, and literary studies. An introduction by Allison Bigelow and Thomas Klubock situates these essays and the larger, multiyear conversations from which they emerged within established scholarly paradigms and new areas of humanistic inquiry. Taken together, these essays reflect on the state of the field and raise important questions about future research in Latin American studies.

Guest Editors: Allison Margaret Bigelow & Thomas Miller Klubock